There are several options for every budget and space allotment available to you. Please check out the list below for options and suggestions for your event/nightclub.

Every show offers the customary dueling piano request forms and you have the option of allowing tip jars. You also have the option having the show with or without the piano shells.

Each shell takes up a 5x5 (minimum) space and are lightweight and extremely beautiful. They create the illusion of real baby grand pianos like no other piano shells we've ever seen. We've set up these shells everywhere from lake front property to roof tops with equal believability. Our favorite quote regarding these shells was after a show one evening, a guest lingered with his friend probably long after he should have and when he saw our host player flip over his shell to remove the legs he said "Aw man!, Really?, Ya gonna tell me there's no Santa Clause too??!?"

Option #1

Offers you two dueling pianists, with or without piano shells. This show is great for small venues and budget conscious events. It is quieter and stylish while still remaining fun and interactive.

Option #2

This package offers two guys and a drummer with or without shells. This show is perfect for a club looking for a good bang for the buck. It is a real attention grabber and evokes a request driven party that still remains danceable.

Option #3

Our third option is a common format for dueling piano shows. Three piano players will take turns, with or without shells, rotating on stage for a high energy show with no breaks. This option can be added to any other option for an additional cost.

Option #4

Our last selection comes with two duelers and a full band. The band includes a guitar player, drums and a female vocalist to cover the "chick" songs. We affectionately call this package our Chicago style dueling pianos show in honor of a kick butt show we saw in Chicago and modeled our show after. We can do this show without shells, but we highly recommend their use. We suggest this show for weddings, corporate parties and bigger night clubs. This show is a big splash and instant dance party. Between all the members of the band and the dueling piano men, literally thousands of requests could be filled... If only the night were that long.