Kevin Viilo

Kevin Viilo is the founding member of Grand Rapids local band Trilogy which made its start in 1978. He plays many roles as leader, keyboardist, bass keys and vocalist for Trilogy. His classical training was obtained right here at Grand Rapids very own GRCC (JC). Currently Kevin can be found playing 4-5 nights a week as either host of a Yellow Brick Road Dueling Pianos show or as band leader for Trilogy. Kevin is extremely proud of the team of musicians he chooses to work with. Says Kevin, "I think we have the finest team in the area; and also another area of distinction between this piano show and others is that there is a clear focus on musical quality."

Dennie Middleton

Funny guy and music man, Dennie Middleton, is a veteran of Michigan's entertainment scene. According to Dennie's parents, he most likely started taking music seriously while in the womb. He spent a year in L.A. playing "pay to play" rock shows in Hollywood and doing background acting for NBC and ABC. He co-founded the world's first rock 'n roll comedy duet "The Bimini Brothers", a three hour tour of gut laughs, crazy humor and musical parody. Middleton and his rock band "The Hype" have shared the concert stage with many classic rock format bands you hear on FM radio today, including: "The Kinks", "Boston", "Meatloaf", Alice Cooper and more. Dennie Middleton and Kevin Viilo came to dueling piano fame whilst playing the 2rd floor stage of Whammer Jammers at the BOB in Grand Rapids. Their tight musical performances continue to delight clubs and private event attendees today.

Nick Ayoub

A 2000 graduate of Western Michigan University, Nick Ayoub has a well rounded music ability that is undeniable. From current pop to jazz favorites, Nick's beautiful high tenor vocal technique and infectious performance style will have you riveted. Nick started playing "cocktail piano" in High School at local restaurants and has regularly played with his trio since the mid-1990's. You simply ain't seen nothin' til you've seen Nick standing on top of a piano singing "Bohemian Rhapsody." 'Nuff said.

Tom Northrup

Tom started his musical career and received a degree in music theory from Central Michigan University school of music. He's opened for many international acts in both the popular and country genres, including: David Lee Roth, Loverboy, LeAnn Rimes, Kenny Chesney and more. Tom is a veteran of over 2,000 performances at festivals, concerts, clubs, restaurants, country clubs and private parties. With an endearing personality and a vast array of music that spans the decades, you will love attending every show this modern day gentleman performs.

Greg Poltrock

Greg Poltrock is a dueling piano ringmaster that brings a fun, request driven sing-a-long party atmosphere to audiences. Greg's song list extends from Elvis to Lady Gaga and beyond. He's a seasoned entertainer, well known throughout West Michigan as a professional piano sideman, always willing to bring a smile and a song you can sing along to.