Our typical wedding schedule goes something like this: We do up to 4 hours of live music. We will set up before your guests arrive so that pre-recorded music or solo pianist will be playing for your cocktail hour. Negotiation can be made for a show with no breaks if that is your wish. 

Bridal dances will either be performed by the duelers or they can be put on an MP3 player. If you need suggestions for special songs (bridal, daddy daughter, etc.) we are happy to help there as well. We keep in close contact with your coordinator or Master/Mistress of Ceremonies and we make sure we play your special songs when you are ready. 

It is very popular these days for the bridal party to want an entrance song. We can have that song available and our host player will announce your bridal party for a spectacular entrance. Also, our host player will be happy to MC any other announcements you would like throughout the evening. If you would like to have your own announcer for toasts, prayer, etc., we supply a cordless microphone. 

You have the choice of having live music or pre-recorded music for dinner. We typically use our MP3 player to play a mix of Frank Sinatra to John Mayer easy listening as people typically want to save the live music for the dance portion of the evening. 

On our breaks we again use our MP3 player to play dance party favorites. If there are songs you want added to our list or taken off our list we are happy to accommodate. 

If you are in need of a piano player or vocalists for your actual wedding, we can provide that for an additional cost. 

We have a show for every budget and space allotments. Please check out our menu page for all the options available to you. 

Above all, we know you want this to be a very special and custom event that reflects who you and your spouse are as a couple. We are very flexible and easy to work with and encourage your ideas.